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In our merchandising process, the purchasing and supply management covers the provision of materials and other components used not only in the direct production of goods and services but also those used to help run the business such as machinery and office supplies. We believe in development of strong relationships with our parts supplier in order to achieve
greater dependency and encourage more commitment. Having a better communication in the ordering process will enable us easier to
co-operate on new product development.

Inventory Control
In our inventory control, it includes both process-related items and support items
Process-related items are raw materials, components, sub-assemblies (Movements) and etc for the processing of which the company exists. Support items not central to those processes like tools, toolkits, machinery maintenance and cleaning materials.

Materials Development
We procure the very best materials by working directly with the leading components suppliers in the industry. This enable us to be in a best benefit position when comes to creating new and
revolutionary products.

Performance Improvement
We regularly practice performance improvement process in order to improve
productivity and achieve higher customer expectation. In the breakthrough
improvement, we gain new concepts and technologies. Some of these concepts
dramatically change in the way the operations works.

Logistic Management
Logistics is one of the key part of our business success. We aim to counterbalance the shortcomings of functional thinking and thereby provide a better service to our customer. We also understand that delivery and distribution is important as it adds place value and time value, by making sure that the product is available where and when our customer wants it.

Manufacturing Process & Production Management
We aims to reduce inefficiencies, costs and redundancies, while creating a competitive advantage and satisfying our customer. Our efficient supply chain policies include keeping inventories low, utilisation high and manufacturing costs low. Seventy percent of our products are manufactured in China. We have business
dealings with approximately 250 companies worldwide, most of which are located in Europe and America. Because we value the relationship with every customer we deal with as long-term partners, we sincerely offer our professional technical support to every project with supreme quality management. This becomes one of the important factors why we are able to maintain high quality standard even on every mass produced items.

Conformance to specification
When come to creating new design based on customer requirement, we follow closely with the steps of conformance to specification as to design the product to the customers require specification. We will first define quality characteristics in the initial stage and decide how to measure for each of the quality characteristics.
After defining the quality, we will Setup quality standards for each characteristics and control quality against these standards. If poor quality occurs, find and correct the causes of poor quality and continue to make improvements after customer review.

Quality Control
Before failure can be dealt with, it must be detected. In order to detect failure, we have run in-process checks to ascertaining the level of quality conformance. Quality can and must be managed very well in watch making industry. We believe that every employee in our factory is responsible for the quality of our watches. Whenever problems occur, it must be prevented, not just fixed. Our quality is measured
regularly and we took quality improvements as a continuous practice. By setting the goals based on requirements, not negotiated, we attempt to achieve the best possible defect free standard.

We believe in giving employee the authority to make changes to the job itself as well as how it is performed. By doing so, employees has more skills flexibility and the power to control their own jobs, make decision, and implement their own ideas to enhance sales results and meeting sales target. This also benefits our company by having a faster on-line response to customer needs
and makes the sales personal feel better about their jobs. Chit Tat sales team work as a Team-based work organization. Our sales personal put together a required mixture of skills and allow decision to be made by people who have to manage the results. This will further enhance the skills flexibility to our team and make them understand each part of the operation process better.