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We apply pertains techniques in process technology to help us in our daily manufacturing operation. These includes machines, equipment and device which help the operation transform the materials, production information and customers request in order to add value and fulfill the operation strategic objectives.

The Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines is one of the major machinery in precision watch making. This machine perform metal cutting controlled by terminal computer. It takes data containing tool and path information and uses it to select tools and trace paths on a piece of stock material. This machine provides advantages by performing accurate and
precise cutting and modifying the material. It can also handle repeatable and mundane tasks splendidly. As it is a fully computerize machine, it enhanced productivity through elimination of unnecessary operator error.

During each individual process of production, we do quality checking for every components of the watch prior to assembly. Quality checking after assembly is being done both in China and in Hong Kong to ensure that the goods we deliver are in perfect conditions. The minimum waterproof testing of 5ATM (50 meters water resistant) is required even for watches marked as
3ATM. The highest waterproof level for our watches is 10ATM (100 Meters water resistant). We are proud to admit that we are especially confident with our watches' water resistance.