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We believe that a nice working environment and a comfortable living space can indeed drive performance among the workers. Next to our factory, is an accommodation building for our workers equipped with recreational facilities. With this approach, Chit Tat retains the loyalty of many-years experienced labors and watch expertise.

We apply scientific management in our organization in enhancing our productivity and team spirit. This is taking some of the ideas of division of labor but applied them more systematically. We use scientific basis to establish the laws, rules and formulae governing the best methods of working among people. The area of work study divided into method study and work measurement. The method study we apply is systematic recording of existing proposed methods of doing work (more effect method and reduce costs) Work measurement establish the time for a qualified work to carry out a specified job.

We believe that managing Job design can affect the ability of our operation. By enhancing the flexibility, staffs who have been trained in several tasks may find it easier to cope with a wide variety of models and new products. Health and safety of our worker is another essential objective to our management. This is also associated with the quality of working life. Examples are the job security and opportunities development.